St. Clair Beach

No matter where I end up I can’t stay away from the ocean.  I was concerned leaving California that I would get anxious for sunshine and the ocean but within my first few days in Dunedin I was able to take a 15 minute bus ride to St. Clair Beach.


The beach itself was gorgeous as it spread in front of us, but once we spotted a cliff jutting out into the waves we knew that we had to climb it to see the view from above.

StClair5 7.7

We climbed through the bushes and up the cliff to find a lookout point.

StClair4 7.7StClair21 7.7

There was a railing that sat above the drop of the cliff, and what began as risking to sit on the railing turned into standing on it for a group photo.


It didn’t feel like it was winter as we scaled up the cliff and took in the views. It may sound strange but before I came to New Zealand I pictured all of the mountains and the rolling hills but didn’t fully realize how much of an island feel there would be. There’s palms all along the coasts and the views of the beaches are spectacular. There isn’t smog along the water like in California and the bright blue just stretches on endlessly into the distance.

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