Otago Peninsula

As of July 16th Emily, Annabel and myself had secured a car. There may have been only one working window and we would come to find that the gas gage was completely untrustworthy, but she was ours. And we now had the freedom to go where we pleased, when we pleased.

We decided to not be too risky on our first trip with our new car (name still yet to be determined). We headed to the Otago Peninsula which is just a 40 minute drive, but it was definitely an adjustment getting used to the new car, and driving on the left side of the road. It doesn’t feel as strange as one might expect however it is tricky staying within the lanes once everything is flipped.

We safely made it to our first stop, Sandfly Bay and were greeted by rainbows and strong winds.

Peninsula2 7.17

The sights were stunning, beginning in sheep fields and then trekking down through sand dunes. The sun was breaking through the clouds as we got down to the beach. We kept saying how lucky we were getting with weather, until we noticed dark storm clouds hovering just past the waves.

Peninsula6 7.17

Peninsula13 7.17

The wind began to kick up, blowing clouds of sand across the dunes, and the dark clouds moved above us. Rain began and we decided to head back up before the weather got worse. However, once we reached the tops of the dunes the rain had ended and the clouds were parted once again. The sky was now turning brilliant colors and we were able to capture more photos.

Peninsula11 7.17

Peninsula15 7.17

The weather did ultimately end up turning too rainy and windy for us to be able to do much else that day. But we were happy to have taken our first adventure in our little car.


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