Penguins and sea lions, oh my!

It was a Saturday evening and we had decided to stay in Dunedin for the weekend because of road conditions. However, we became restless and determined we should drive to the Otago Peninsula. We all said that it would be amazing if we could happen to see penguins, but we knew that they are very rare. We left our flats on Castle Street and made it to Sandfly Bay just as the sunset was beginning.


_DSC4508The sky was painted brilliant colors, and as we climbed down into the sand dunes we found a few penguins climbing up from the beach. We gave them their distance so were unable to capture good photos but it was amazing watching them climb up the sand dune.


_DSC4567Further down the beach we also came across about a dozen sea lions waking up from naps to head back into the ocean. It’s astounding how lucky we keep getting coming across the wildlife.

_DSC4591 copy

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