Hello! I am a student at Chapman University, seeking a degree in Public Relation & Advertisement, and a minor in Business Administration. I plan on graduating in December 2017. I was born and raised in Washington with restless feet and a hunger for adventure. I am driven by my passion and ambition in everything that I do.

My experiences are unique, ranging from a camp counselor where I learned how to face every day with a positive attitude, to working on Red Bull’s Marketing Team, where I learned how to successfully target, and communicate with all types of audiences. I also recently spent five months exploring New Zealand, capturing my adventures in photos and videos. I am currently the marketing intern at Visit Huntington Beach, where I am gaining hands on experience running social media accounts, and creating content. I may not know what career lies in my future, but I do know that I love leading creative projects, coming up with strategic solutions, and working with people.

For more information about me, check out my LinkedIn.